I see her shining.

I prefer conversations – with both parties listening, sharing and adding value to each other’s lives. The perfect setting involves a cozy sitting arrangement, books and a convenient beverage. Life is like a conversation, is it not? You can either react to what’s being said or be proactive.

An espresso shot

She swept in like the fresh summer’s breeze. Or rather, walked straight up as I sat waiting at the coffee shop. The encounter was brief, we met for business, yet camaraderie was evident. Her laughter bubbled up, as her observant self allowed it to surface. Statements often came forth as suggestions, a foot always on the brakes in case things move too fast. Keen ears did not miss my hesitant word, her curiosity had to be satiated with detailed explanations. Conversations always seemed intense, yet comfortable, as if we had known each other for years. It had only been a week. Her ambitions as clear as a written word, like a straight flight off into the sky. She inspires.

A walk in the woods

Then there is a amazing lady I often meet over food. Like a bird of the moors, rooted in world’s very truth, she flows where the wind takes her. We have known each other for years, been through our own grinds, yet somehow grown up to be quite similar – I trust the similarity of ovens where our bread was baked has its results. Our meets are those without an agenda, planned as and when we feel like it, if at all. Yet it’s like we pick off a trail where we left it last – even when we meet after a year, it feels like a week. Ambitions as intriguing as a winding road down unexplored woods. She’s an inspiration.

Dive into the sea

One delightful damsel I’m quite fond of – sharp wit and depth of an ocean – our conversations are journeys to whole new depths – to the darkest, to the brightest and gently back to the surface again. She can be an honest mirror, a sponge that absorbs everything you say or even a companion to offer an earful. The clarity of thought is often dazzling, so bright, you might often miss the willingness to learn. A child in a tough shell, one that knows its way around the seashore yet the one who giggles in the comfort of its warm home. Ambitions as perceptive as written poetry, immense potential and itching to make it happen. She’s always been inspiring.

Leading with intent

Might I write about cold steel, as well? Having met her as I was growing through a tough business venture of my own, the sheer hard work she put into her own multi million dollar company had me in awe. She always reminds me of a double edged blade – lethal, no nonsense, a friend in the right circumstances and no elemental change even when sheathed. She never saw what was cut into two – fruits and heads were the same. The stubborn insistence through a certain path had clearly kept her going – dogged pursuit of goals and ideals had helped her achieve what she has. And yet again, as wonderful women are, you couldn’t miss the glowing smile when the time was right. Face flushed, hair fell over the shoulders and cold steel shone like the sun. Ambitions as dogged as a belief system, with her entire life revolving around them. She inspired me the moment I met her.

Pure, unadulterated joy

And a woman I loved. Much more than a mirror, or a warm conversation, or a companion to the moon and back – more like the air I breathe and the light I soak in. Being with her has been beyond comprehension, beyond time – a presence that always made me feel complete, whole and healed. A small lump of joy inside which turns warm on seeing that smile, the words which tumble out as if they bounce around in our mind, when you simply don’t have to be around someone, the way you are with yourself. Being naked in true sense, when it’s beyond how comfortable you feel in your body, or don’t. The ease with which your hands slip into hers. Not unlike snuggling inside the blanket. Not unlike jumping into the pool and feel water overwhelm even if it’s just for a moment. Not unlike a child’s hands holding yours with trust. She has been an inspiration with her evolving presence, the sheer affection than emanates from every expression, the warmth of her smile. You need to realize the world in order to fly – she has been my realization.

Beautiful, beautiful women

I’m blessed to count these females as my friends – for they stand for an individual set of values to which I look up to – and learn, and grow, and evolve. The people in our lives are way more than just human beings. They enter with a story – with a plot and a perspective. When their perspectives clash with ours, new ones have the potential to be formed. And that’s where the learning lessons lie. I adore women, they are powerful, intuitive with bright eyes yet an appealing softness. I’m fortunate to know a bunch of them :)

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