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Hot-Cold method of finding your fit.

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As freshers step out into the real world, it is natural to be confused and unsure of the choices we make. This is the prime motivation behind interning during college years, where we have the opportunity of trying out our strengths and understanding our weaknesses.

Experiencing extremes is one way of finding our fit. Just like we opt for a larger and a smaller size while shopping for apparel, and just like we shuttle between hot and cold water taps while reaching the temperature that’s just right for our shower.

Like a perfect shower

We’re way more particular while adjusting the temperature because we have many options available. It always be colder or warmer than we’d like, just like the life we lead. How to apply litmus tests for real life situations?

  1. Test the culture.
    Is it bureaucratic or pretty informal? Do you prefer it being either way? What are the pros, what are the cons? Does too much freedom help you complete your projects? Is the blunt yet constructive criticism suitable to your temperament? Are the strict deadlines suitable or would you prefer a laid-back environment? Are you a good employee at all? If not, reconsider.
  2. Test the projects.
    Do you enjoy designing HR competency models? Or do you prefer content writing? Is the process of ideation better for you or is research preferable? Do you enjoy being on field? If yes, is it about being with people or observing execution closely? Would you rather design a new logo or coordinate a campaign with entire creative team? Would you rather code an entire application or be responsible for a part of it? Do you prefer your boss’ job? If yes, reconsider.
  3. Test the ambition.
    Getting to know yourself is a part of exploring possibilities. Would you prefer trying out different careers or being on a single highway? Are you out to find your sweet little spot that keeps you most comfortable or would you rather work hard and take more work? Are you a serial entrepreneur or someone who would want to work on a single money making business for life? Would you want to keep experimenting with your small business and see where it takes you (like two highly successful chefs I know), or would you prefer to build a cash cow out of it, creating a range of products and expanding them?
  4. Test the emotions.
    Having ill health in your work life is not a good sign, it essentially means that something is eating you from the inside. If the reason is unsatisfactory work conditions, you need to rethink, no matter how important that job/business is for you. If you’re working in a big company and feel that you need to be more involved in teams, talk to your manager and see if a role is available. If not, move out and work with a smaller company that might keep you on your toes. If working in a small and stagnant company is working against your ambitious plans, step out and join a bigger company for a bigger platform.
  5. Test the desire.
    If you’re firm enough to go ahead with a decision, you neither let your friends & family oppose you for long nor do you give in. Time is often ripe for unconventional choices and folks around you will try to convince you otherwise. If you are really keen, stand strong and others will fall in line. You hardly have patience for emotional blackmail and sensitive nerves if you’ve made up your mind. However, you will find some excuse to not do as you please if you’re not firm enough.

Hotter Days, Colder Showers

Your life is not going to be the same and your choices are going to change. As the weather changes, the preferred temperature of your shower will be adjusted to something that suits you then. Being conscious of your health, your emotions, your work environment and your family life will enable you to make the best choices at all times- be it rain or the bright sun.

Stay Awake, Stay Awesome

By staying awake, you take a shower only if it’s perfectly alright. If it is not you reserve the right to step out and adjust the temperature. It’s your shower, your kick ass life after all. Don’t let others call the shots. Stay conscious, awake and awesome.

Do what you gotta do :)

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