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And here we are at just another new years eve and at on verge of just another new year. It will be 2012 tomorrow! It’s the 20th new year’s eve I am seeing in this life and perhaps the 10th one which I think actually matters and perhaps the first when I in fact asked myself if I were ready for the new year realising how it’s very much possible that I may have completed half my life already! 20 years – is a long period. Very long. And what have I done in 20 years that may be significant? Painted a few paintings, several drawings, 4 poems, read a few books, met a few people, danced, learnt playing harmonium for a year, can almost read music notations, can play ‘Ode to joy’ on a guitar and educated myself a bit. Not a lot at all considering having spent 20 years on it.

It’s the time I realise how it takes up so much of your time focusing on random unimportant things. It doesn’t matter who you were born to, how you lived, who you befriended, who you became enemies with, how many fights you engaged into, how many beds you shared, the school you went to, the gadgets you use. Perhaps this post too will go to trash over a period of time just like the ones I trashed 30 minutes ago. It’s a wide ocean of words and wordplay out here! Age of Information spam and 99% of them – pretty useless. Even these words may prove its uselessness over a period of time. However, I do believe it’s important to note them and so I do.

Yes, I am very mesmerised by the aged. The immortality of certain things. Things they’ve ended up finding from the times of ‘mohe-jo-daro’ and ‘harappan’ civilisations. I dream of making it that far and my work be treasured and be found. I wish to learn the spell to save its charm forever and its essence. I wish not to be the foot-prints on sea sands and I wish the age of the rocks.

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