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From Hammer and Mop to Sila

Sila 4

For the first time ever, as the month ends, my company bank account (still active, for now) would stay constant while my personal account would see a major bump. Earlier this month, we merged Hammer and Mop into Mr. Homecare (a SILA company). The exit from Hammer and Mop was not planned – it happened in a matter of weeks, things simply fell into place and everything felt just right. After being at sea for 48 months, we’re back on land and on an entirely new territory. And I’m grateful for how things have turned out.

Graduation School

Four years building Hammer and Mop have been like a graduation school. It allowed all possible mistakes one can ever make while doing a business – and allowed me to live some of the best parts too. From getting people on board to aligning everyone to the common vision – from messing up compliance (my lawyers still giggle) to cleaning up accounts (my CAs still guffaw) – from storytelling to being pampered by happy patrons – from cracking the whip to writing cheques against a weak cash flow – from closing seed rounds to meeting VCs – starting up built me as a person. Couldn’t have asked for a better college course.

Lower Pyramid

Being responsible for livelihoods and the promises you have made to the world drills in a certain humility inside you. The graduation school has been eye opening, made me sensitive to aspects I might have never known. Employing and working closely with field workers has made me realize the stark difference between the bottom of the pyramid and the top (whose homes we cleaned). There is ample scope to engage with the masses and empower them to rise up. No, socialism is not the way to go. Arm them with skills and education, create jobs, build enterprises that create value. THAT is the way to go.

Complete Alignment

The roller coaster ride gives you glimpse of what’s on the lower end and then brings you up again with a wooosh, which leaves you grinning wide. But the glimpse of the underbelly has the potential to give you sleepless nights, which helps you work harder. It is important to detach and allow the company fight its own battles. It is healthy for you and the business.

This realization aligned with what the Bhagvad Gita preaches, as it compares the Self with a human being and our emotions to our pet dog we have taken out for a stroll. At a park, when our pet goes running around with joy, we do not join it. We stand aside, a graceful witness. Why then do we allow our emotions overwhelm the Self?

After a certain point in time, business was always treated as a wave I’m riding. The waves have been high, the sea has been wild and the rains have been seductive. However, they were never ‘me’ but an experience I’m living through. Post being an entrepreneur, my next waves align with my vision for personal growth.

Phase Two

‘SILA’ in Sanskrit and Pali means moral purity of thought, word and deed. Led by young leaders, the organization operates with the agility of a wise startup. We are one of the fastest growing real estate services group in the country, and sustainable with 1500+ employees. My profile as the head of marketing & HR is promising. There are crazy amount of things to be learned, so many new people to meet and I get to be only an employee for the first time ever. I’m relieved, and insanely excited!

Grateful for the Support

It is always all about people. Even at SILA, as I settle into the job profile, understanding my colleagues and the culture is crucial. There is a need to blend in, add in a slice of my personality and ensure that a slice of theirs enters me. Hammer and Mop helped me connect to so many of you wonderful folks, for which I’m eternally grateful. The large BNI and TheRodinhoods families, and so many networks and multitude of patrons, friends, associates and well wishers. A warm thank you for all the love. I’m keen to stay in touch with all of you in this next (way grander) journey ahead :)

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