Frankaffe Conversations


(Frank + Affable)


Introducing ‘Frankaffe Conversations‘.

 5 to 8 strangers. Gathered over beverages and wooden tables. Having a wonderful exchange of thoughts with newly discovered like minded people from the same city. What better way to network? What better way to talk about the things that fascinate you?


People can hunger for meaningful conversations where genuine thoughts and feelings are shared, ideas discussed and where growth is experienced. This can be in contrast to the junk-talk which we are usually exposed to, comprising of useless gossip and speculation that usually tantamounts to nothing.

Frankaffe, in a sincere endeavor, intends to explore the different perspectives of the matters discussed and discover original and frank opinions from the people engaged. To evaluate the process of our thinking, expanding our perspectives and shifting our mindsets to a greater paradigm. Thus having an opportunity towards a better understanding of ourselves.

The only thing constant on a table would be the topic of discussion. The various projections from the diverse perspectives obtained would be interesting. The idea is not to see how much of what we agree/disagree on. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


We need-

  • Frank & Affable souls from diverse backgrounds & professions
  • An Idea or an Opinion that you can bring to the table
  • Willingness to Listen as fellow conversationalists talk about what they feel


The whole purpose of this activity is to let idea sail the conversation and enable the topic to grow out of our different perspectives. Here we observe the contrast that comes through and learn by the whole process.

This should also be not confused with a debate or a group-discussion. Here no-body has to be right/wrong or showcase themselves. The focus is what the table together co-creates and the depth explored. The topic of conversation could be on happiness or time-travel, anything goes. We are organizing the first ‘Frankaffe Conversations – Mumbai’ meet up in 10 days.


Topics of Discussion-

  • Books & Reading Habits
  • Time Travel
  • Content Creation
  • Advertising
  • Startup Scenario in the city

You can-

  • Drop us a line at
  • Give us a call or drop us a text at 9920-779-799
  • Suggest more topics on which you might have a lot to say.


Frankaffe intends to brew the most interesting and meaningful conversations.

love and peace

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