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Not wasting a lot of time here. Let’s come to the point. Food is important. Mum is not home. We want to eat and don’t even know how to cook even maggi properly! a bit of mess there aye. Here are some yumm (well! I find them yumm) quick fix solutions. Some recipes out of my kitchen.


1) Bread-pizza (Suggest a better name after reading the recipe):

As weird as it may sound and it isn’t anything like pizza actually. But, I couldn’t find a better name folks. So, here we go.

  • Chop some onions in very small pieces. (The smaller you’ll chop it, the better it will taste on your pizza otherwise onions tend to overpower the taste of other stuff)
  • Dice some tomatoes not very very small sized nor very huge pieces. (Almost as small as 1.5 square cm)
  • Cut some chillies according to your taste in small pieces.
  • Mix up all the veggies in a bowl or a plate or any other vessel that you can think of.
  • Get some cheese slices out of market or get cheddar cheese and grate it.
  • Now put some cheese on your bread and then your chopped vegetables.
  • Put it in microwave for about 1 minute till your cheese starts melting or put it in oven for the same amount of time.
  • Eat it!
  • You can eat it with whatever that you like. You can also add some tomato sauce on top of your pizza and make smiley faces and all sorts of things.

Note: Be careful with onions. The bigger the onion pieces are, they tend to overpower the taste of all the other things when you eat it and it ruins it for you. So, the smaller you chop the onions, the better.


2) mumra/ murmura /kurmura-masala:

  • Take some mumra/kurmura (White puffed rice). Take About as much as you would take in a standard microwave-proof bowl (it holds about 500-750ml liquid).
  • Cut one medium sized onions into half and chop half the onion into small pieces.
  • Dice one medum sized tomato into pieces just as mentioned above.
  • Add about two teaspoon oil in murmura, one and a half teaspoon salt, half teaspoon of chilly powder, two teaspoons of cumin-coriander powder.
  • Mix everything up.
  • Taste it and adjust your spices according to your taste.


3) Khichu:

Yes, this one is totally out of my Gujarati kitchen. (Girls will like it more I believe.) Google tells you to cook it in a crazy fancy way. However, it’s really simple if you want to cook something real quick.

  •  boil about a teaspoon of jeera (Cumin seeds) in 1/2 cup water.
  • Take about 3/4th cup rice flour in a deep vessel.
  • Add water into your rice flour once it’s boiled. (Your water will become yellowi-greenish and it will start making little bubbles and ‘bud bud’ noise then you know it’s all boiled nice). Add about 1 and 1/2 teaspoon salt and just a little pinch of cooking/baking soda.
  • Mix it up with a ‘belan’ (Rolling pin). Remember your water will be too hot what you’ll mix the two up. So, rolling pin is the most handy tool you can mix it with.
  • Now, the mixture should be such that you can make a little hollow dough-nut shape out of it. But, it should be so soft that if you put your rolling pin it in, it should make a hole straight away without much efforts. Like you shouldn’t have to push the pin hard it in order to create a hole and it shouldn’t be too much liquidy either that your dough shape doesn’t stay.
  • Steam your doughnut shapes.
  • Method of steaming your khichu is usually the same as steaming up your idli or dhokla. Usually most the Indian families have some sort of vessel they use to steam their idlis. You can just use one of those and don’t worry if the dough-nut shape can’t be made.
  • You can also add some chopped green chillies in your mixture and that way your khichu will be a little spicy.

To serve:

  • Take a small bowl and add some 2-3 spoons of oil in it. add up half the teaspoon salt, 1/4th the teaspoon of chilly powder and half the teaspoon cumin-coriander powder. mix everything up. Ground-nut oil is preferred. But, others are good too.
  • This spicy oil is like your sauce/chutney in usual cases. This is what you eat khichu with and it makes it taste real awesome. (Full of fat I know. Tastes good though)


Note for noobs:

  • salt / chilly powder / cumin-coriander powder that you guys will use and what I use at my home is obviously different. So, the measurement of spices that I have give here is a rough estimate. It’s usually a good practise not to follow it word by word and use your instincts. If you have no instincts as such, have a habit of tasting it as you go. Also, our tastes may be different. As example it’s well possible that I like spicier food and so my measurements of chilly are always a little higher than what you prefer.
  •  Starting with lesser amount of spices is usually a good practice. If it’s lesser it’s easier to put some more in and fix it. But, fixing up more spices is a tricky one sometimes. Fixes vary according to what you are cooking.
  •  Cooking isn’t rocket science. All it takes is some efforts and some involvement. If you have bothered enough observing your mother cooking, that one comes in handy when it comes down to instincts. So, forget your books/ cricket match/ talking to friends on phone/ going out for 2 minutes leaving your gas stove on etc. Many things can happen otherwise :P. I.e. Setting the place on fire.


For everyone who read it and reached this point:

  • Please consider leaving a comment here if you have tried any of suggested and liked/disliked it.
  • Consider leaving a comment if you have better suggestions for the same recipe.
  • Leave a comment here if the suggested above tasted good and you would like some more recipes.



  • Prima

    hell yeah :) .. same with that naashtewaali daal and chanaa zor garamwala chana. Daalme neembu daalke khaa sakte hain … lekin murmure usually gharme hote hain. agar lene jaana pade to bhi kaheen bhi mil jaate hain

    • Sarvesh Kulkarni

      Bas murmure ka ek problem hain ki khaya bhi toh lagta hi nahi kuch khaya bolke. :P That’s why putting onions and tomatoes and stuff helps. Generally I’m too lazy to do that, though. :P

      • Prima

        haan. Same with khichu. Isi liye to ye quick fix temporary solutions hain. ekaad ghante ke liye bhookh mita dete hain. tab tak kucch khaaneka jugaad ho jata hai haha :D

    • Prima

      I do realize. But, murmura recipe isn’t very famous, khichu’s recipe up on the web is very different than what I’ve posted here and the bread-pizza recipe is my own. So, there are no photos up on the web and I don’t have a decent camera to photograph it. neither do I own a camera for shooting stuff. Sorry about that. You’ll have to live with this till I have a decent cam n stuff

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