You scream into the night.
Angst and emotion getting better of you.
Yet a tranquil retort from the air you breathe.
Allowing you to be alone.

Waves of thoughts carry you out into the sea.
Anchor isn’t an option, you don’t know what to hold on to.
You aren’t sure if the land you left behind will be visited again.
You’re unsure of what tomorrow holds in store.

You miss the trees, but you have the gulls for company now.
You miss the breeze, but the wind stays by your side now.
You miss the rivulet, but you float in the open ocean now.
What is land but a mass that doesn’t move.

What you thought was wild is your current reality.
What you thought was unreal is being achieved.
What you thought was too high is so within your reach.
What is this world but your thoughts being acted out.

Riding the waves towards the North Star seems like the only cure.
For the dreams drive you mad at night, so does the past.
Sleep, child, for the night is dark and full of terrors.
Make the morning yours and let go.

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