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Feature on Intuit Small Business India


My startup, Hammer & Mop, was recently featured on the Intuit Small Business India blog. It is always a wonderful experience to answer their questions and to be featured. We’re honored to be on their site today.

Would like to share a reply I gave to one of their questions-

What has been your learning from your business operations? What would be your advice to those who want to start their own business?

● Execution
● Givers Gain
● Empathy

Execution of plans and getting your hands dirty teaches you more about your business than anything else. Building networks, nurturing relationships and genuinely adding value to other businesses (and lives) helps in the long run. And empathy (for your employees and clients) is of prime importance for a successful business.

As an advice to other entrepreneurs who are looking to start up- I’d like to quote Brian Wong, the Founder & CEO of ‘kiip’. Never forget, in spite of failure right before your eyes, that “You are the most powerful force in your life”.

 We are indeed the most powerful force in our lives. So simple and so true.

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Hammer & Mop featured on Intuit Small Business India
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