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Evolution of religion – boon or curse?

“Then you are a pagan, Prima!”

“But I dont even know what Paganism is!”

I wondered how can I be something I dont even know about. Then Adam showed me this wikipedia article about Pagonism and I was like “Hey! That’s almost same as what I believe” Then after some days I saw ‘War of gods’ about Pagonism and one of its most important god Thore.(Thursday is named after ‘Thor’)

Now, whatever I am gonna write below is my conclusions based on my experiences knowledge so far and it is inspired by the things I mentioned above. Religions. Today one of the major three religions followed by world are Islam, Christian and Hindu However most of the historians believe that Islam and Christianity have same roots buried somewhere if you dig deep. This recent documentry I saw says that Christianity started having its influence in Europe after a long time-span of existance of humans had developed as a society. The first one that existed before Christianity was Paganism. Later on Christianity took over Paganism due to the influence and moreover force of some really really strong ‘Christian’ emperors. Same story is with Hinduism. Hinduism in its very original form was something totally different than what they believe as Hinduims today.

Both religions originally were more like people’s lifestyle and based on a good way of living and their culture than the religious beliefs of today. Paganism and early Hinduism existed during almost the same time on the time-line. What is surprising is that both Paganism and Hinduism followed similiar rituals. In both, the followers of both considered natural elements as god. i.e. ‘Indra- god of rain’, ‘Thor-god of thunder’, ‘Thor’s sister- godess of sex and reproduction’, ‘Suryadev-sun as god itself’ and so on. Rigved(earliest or possibly the first Indian book) has most of its verses in which they talk about elements of nature and praise it as well as pray to it. The reason seems common as well.

Humanity has been considering powerful things as ‘god’. Nature and natural calamities were something they couldn’t overcome those days. Nature was powerful. Thus, considered and labelled as ‘god’. Then came Christianity in existance. They broke the Pagan temples in Europe and built churches there. Same happened with Hindu temples and Hinduism due to Mughal emperors. People who followed Paganism were sentenced to death and eventually they started bulding secret societies and their work was eventually labelled as ‘black-magic’ in order to keep maximum poeple away from them. In Hinduism they consider the last ved ‘Atharvaved’ as the main teacher of all the secret teachings and black-magic. Again .. strangely similiar!

World then moved to the idea of ‘physical god’ like god as a person and due to different reasons all three Christianity, Hinduism and Islam led to a totally different ‘male-dominated’ society, superstitions and herd-like meltality in following rituals. Now, After all this knowledge, all I do is regret knowing. The worst thing about knowledge is once you know something, you cant un-know it and the more you know, the more you want to know.  Today humans in the whole world have been having similiar beliefs and life-styles during the same period of time consciously or unconsciously. and this thing/person called God … I have no idea about it! 

—From my old blog written on 28th March, 2010 with some editing —

And now when I look back at what I believed then, I feel stupid! Why? Because I was trying to be all nice and ‘factual’. after a year and a half now I think if at all god has to do with anything, it’s faith, if you believe in god, it is and if you don’t it isn’t, never was and will never be!

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