I find the word ‘enjoy’ quite interesting . I often use the word when seeing a friend off or at the conclusion of a talk, discussion or a meet. For I believe this word wields the power to put people in good stead when it comes to attaining fulfillment in whatever they endeavor in and thus raising my chances of seeing them again happier than the last time. It also grants them immunity from any kind of frustration or grievances that may arise. To most people the word ‘enjoy’ implies recreation of some sort, an escapade we are entitled to after enduring a period of stress and boredom from an activity which is generally disliked.


My understanding of this word is quite unlike what is usually observed. To En-joy is to enable joy to flow in all our experiences including times of perceived hardship or difficulty. This certainly doesn’t imply deceiving ourselves into carrying out an activity calling it enjoyable, but in actuality harboring dullness, boredom and resistance. I would like to entreat you to contemplate on the concepts of happiness and enjoyment. On careful rumination, it’ll be observed that these abstractions are realized subjectively. The outer condition differs with people but the inner experience of joy invariably remains the same. Your friend, neighbor and peers all have different reasons to grant them joy. Although some may share the same reason just as much as they vary in case of others. Joy doesn’t necessarily have to follow some news, accompanied by joy or a scream. It may very well be a better experience for a person observing quiescence. That kind of joy is an inherent part of us, which is subject to no condition. Does the act of planning out the
details of those fun things you’re gonna do on a particular day turns out to be more enjoyable than the actual event, and you somehow find yourself scavenging reasons to convince yourself how wonderful it was?


Is it not obvious to notice that the more conditions we set to fulfill in order to experience joy, the further we distance ourselves from it? You wake up one morning full of life and vitality but alas- you’re suddenly reminded of a long list of conditions (the impending work on your table, that afternoon appointment etc.) waiting, before you even begin to allow traces of joy into your experience. It’s like hastily cleaning the mess in your home at the sound of the door bell before you allow the waiting guest to enter and prevent him from being unimpressed. Only to find the guest is no stranger but your own kin who might as well make your job easier. Why heave a sigh of relief only after the somehow completion of a task, when we can be relaxed yet focused with energy to  resolve it effortlessly? This is similar to losing out on arsenal before heading for a battle.


You can’t make a deal if you’re bankrupt. Likewise, we need to have a hefty joy balance when dealing with our daily life activities. The difference is immeasurable. With Joy enabled, so engaged we are at our work, that it no longer seem constraining. With enough people having their joy mode activated, I suspect the concept of ‘hardwork’ will eventually be replaced by ‘joywork’ at workplace.


A task which one learns to enjoy, barely seems hard at all. Time takes a different course when people commit to joywork.


You may have limited reasons for doing a specific work, but when you expand your view to behold the number
of people who benefit from the aftermath of your work and how it paves the way for you to reach a greater goal- you’ll find yourself
replenished.  Moreover, adopting a more joyful approach to a particular task from the many ways of doing it, would also make it all the more funner.

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  • Shibani dontwantnolastname

    It is something i knew oh so well

    most people do

    i mean facebook has trillions of those groups which people can like dedicated to the whole we plan eveyrthing adn everythign goes kaput types (yes my recollecting powers aint good) but i wish there was one of the analogy u made there..

    And so i begin reading :)

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