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Countryroads #3



Here we are today as promised. As mentioned in the previous post we are now going to talk about those little hidden things in our tiny streets and corners. As usual in a random order of states and territories starting with the wonderful state of Rajasthan. The land alone mothers 5 entirely different types of folk dances. Each one as beautiful as the others.

1) Ghoomar:

  • It is the most widely performed dance of Rajasthan.
  • The women dance this dance on festivals, weddings and other celebrations.

2) Chari:

  • The dance where they dance with fire lit pots on top of their heads.
  • I don’t know much about it and also it’s like any further explanation than this for Chari should be illegal. Watch it!

3) Bhawai:

  • They take many pots on their heads. (Normally about 5-6 or more) and dance.
  • Jats, Bhils, Raigars, Meenas, Charmars and Kumhars are the tribes and clans that promote the growth of this folk art.

4) Kalbelia:

  • People of Kalbelia community started this dance and it’s a very joyful dance.
  • the dance movements and the costumes of their community bear a resemblance to that of the serpents. The costume that they wear is black with colourful mirrorwork and embroidery.

5) Terah taal:

  • This dance is performed and practised especially by Kamada tribe. Other clans among whom this rich folk art is common are Mirasi, Bhand, Dholi, Bhat and Nat.
  • The women who perform this dance tie up ‘manjeera’ in thirteen different parts of their bodies and so the dance is called ‘terah (thirteen) taal’.


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