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So, mainly what I would like to talk about here is art and dances and when I say ‘talk about it’, I don’t mean ‘write long long boring bunch of texts’. Texts are part of a reason according to me why people feel so bored and laid back about these actually very interesting things. Till today I haven’t been able to understand how they can explain costumes and dance styles and things and actually expect the kids to understand it? They can’t. Nobody can. Dances, art, drama to me are one of those things that are better understood when seen. But, then again we have Google now! Google has google images and youtube. So, here is as lesser worded representation of all that they tried and make you learn-by-heart from the text books. Enjoy and feel free to get back to me if you find something very interesting, useful or simply nice or good to watch. I have tried and come up with things that I know about and I could find good material about off the web. Also, tried to put up the best possible video going through many of them.

So, I start with Classical dances here. There are seven Indian classical dances and here they are in a random order.


1) Kathak:

  • Originated and widely practised in North and north-east mostly followed by east, west and less practiced in southern regions.
  • Have some sub-genres such as ‘Lakhnaw gharaanaa’, ‘Jaipur gharaanaa’, ‘Banaaras gharaanaa’ as well.
  • Is the dance Madhuri Dixit dances.

2) Bharatanatyam:

  • Originated at and widely practiced in Southern India followed by west, east and north.
  • The movements of an authentic Bharata Natyam dancer resemble the movements of a dancing flame.
  • The dance that Hema Malini and Vyjayanthimala are famous for.

3) Kathakali:

  • Dominantly south Indian dance style that was originated in the area that is known as ‘Kerala’ today.
  • This is the dance where you see the dancers with their face totally covered with green paint, lips painted bright red and eyes surrounded by thick black. Also, a very colourful costume.
  • Traditionally there are 101 classical Kathakali stories. However, merely 1/3rd of them are being performed these days.

4) Odissi:

  • The dance form that is originated in the state of Orissa.
  • A dance form that was revived and put forward to be recognized globally in as late as 1940s.
  • Late shreemati Sanjukta Panigrahi, Sonal Mansingh and so on are the well-respected names the dancers look upto when it comes down to Odissi.

to be continued ….

Stay tuned for more. :)


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