Bamboo Dance
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Countryroads #5

Bamboo Dance
Bamboo Dance

And here we are at the last post in the series. Here comes an almost end to my knowledge. Yes, if you guys know about some other as awesome folk dances that are out of my knowledge so far, consider sharing some more info here and we will fit it here with all the credits to you ofcourse. If I can make this like a proper archive of our cultural dances, it would be really cool.

Last two dances in the scope of my knowledge.

1) Bihu:

  • It is NOT a folk dance of Bihar. It is from the state of Assam.
  • The dance takes several forms among the different northeast Indian groups, e.g. “Deori Bihu dance”, “Mising Bihu dance” etc. However, the underlying goal of the dance remains the same: to express the desire to feel both pain and happiness.

2) Bamboo dance:

  • This dance is from one of the seven sisters.
  • This one is a folk dance of Mizoram.
  • Enough said. Go have a look and I bet you’ll love it!


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