Narmada river
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Countryroads #4

Narmada river
Narmada river

Hello again.

I am happy for this post. now landing into our home states. Gujarat for me and Maharashtra for all my co-authors except for one. Yes, we do love each other so much that I don’t want Gujarat and Maharashtra to be in different posts. And then there is boss (Sushrut Munje) who loves this collaboration all the more. *Cough cough*.

From my own dear Guajrat:

1) Talvaar raas:

  • A kind of  ‘garba’ performed in a group where everyone has a ‘talvaar (sword) as their prop and dances.
  • For a change this group dance is performed dominantly by men ONLY.

2) Tippani raas:

  • Tippani is a long wooden stick with a broad flat end. The stick was used by Gujarati women in ancient times in their respective kitchens. This stick is used to crush chilly and other dried herbs to make fine powder out of it. Now, as we all know things like chilly if grinded closely, get into your eyes and they burn like anything! But, because tippani is long the distance between women’s eyes and ground is fair bit and so it somewhat protects the eyes.
  • This is also a type of ‘garba’ and is done using ‘Tippani’ as a prop.

3) Thaali raas:

  • Hold a thali in your hand and move your wrist in the fanciest ways such that the thali doesn’t fall on ground.
  • This ‘garba’ is the art of both – holding and balancing.

P.S. This is not a dominantly Gujarati dance. However, I have seen this one mostly perfomed in garba and so adding it up here.

From my friends’ dear Maharasthra:


  • Lavani is a combination of traditional song and dance, which particularly performed to the enchanting beats of Dholak.
  • The dance does tend to be eroticly beautiful in nature.

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