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At Hammer & Mop, we have been consistently focusing on conversations, grooming and etiquettes when it comes to training our employees. Our goal is not to have people who speak fluent English or just look good. Goal is to have people who care about the customers, are empathetic to their needs and are particular about the quality of service that we promise to deliver.

It was a bit challenging initially considering the candidates are mostly uneducated or below SSC grade. Also, people often advised us to focus on the technical aspect only, since we are into Facility Management. We stayed firm with our choice of training sessions and stuck to our stubborn schedule.

3 months after taking the true plunge, we are seeing results. And the results are making us happy. The experiment is working and we look forward to build on it now. The ever growing perspective and scope of knowledge is intoxicating.

I invite all enthusiastic firms and individuals to pitch in and help us make a difference. It is only when we exist in a symbiotic manner, that we can expect to organize the various unorganized sectors.


love and peace


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