Cleaner Country: Just Another Campaign?


Don’t we all want one?


Hammer & Mop is a for-profit startup with a social mission. It aims to provide steady & quality employment to numerous people who are either unemployed or into uncertain odd jobs. H&M is an awesome-service company and will start with entering the housekeeping sector this month. By an awesome-service company, we mean to be considerate and empathetic towards our wonderful customers. And that behavior includes numerous plans & packages that have never been seen before. But that is another story.

I write this as the Founder of the startup and we are a chummy team of 8. It includes our dear designer, first batch of employees, the mentor, a cheerful intern and angel investors. We love them. And we love things being near-perfect. Thats why we stress on service-delivery, promoting greenery and humanity, in general. And we start with being considerate, helpful and empathetic.

Cleaner Country is a H&M initiative. And our first CleanUp drive is scheduled to be at 1600 hours on Juhu Beach. We figured that Hammer & Mop cannot just go on cleaning houses and offices and talk about stuff that ought to be done. We need to do it ourselves. An attempt to make a sustained impact on the mindset of the population.


“Our goal is to have cleaner streets, cleaner beaches and cleaner minds.”


So having one-day clean-ups makes no sense. People stay the reason behind the ‘sustained’ garbage presence in public areas. Knowing the reason behind the mentality, understanding it and implementing the solution is essential. And this is something that can be done by the citizens, ones who experience it everyday.

There can be regular well-organized cleaning camps focused on a particular area. If the right ideas can be employed- it can be made into an advertising, CSR and a political platform. All this managed by Hammer & Mop or someone as dedicated as us. The end result will be a clean place that people would be fond of. The right measures again and perhaps Government might hire a good company to handle the waste management.

This will definitely help in changing the public mentality. Moreover, this can be complemented by various workshops and seminars tailor-made to reach out to the population. We have a whole lot of ideas waiting to be unleashed. We probably have the ideal outlet now.

Note: It is important to understand that ‘Cleaner Country’ is a drive focused towards freeing the mind of individuals. That results in better and cleaner societies. That results in cleaner minds. We are open to all sorts of collaborative-offers from various NGOs, institutions, political figures and government bodies. This, to make sure that the impact is wide-spread. Because we know that the impact is beneficial.


“Its high time we do something about the system we crib about. Why forget that we run it?”


Drop me a mail at sushrut(at)hammerandmop(dot)com for ideas, suggestions and every question your free mind might have. And even for a conversation that might make my mind free-er. :)


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