Cleaner Country: Herd Mentality


When it comes to humans, Herd-Mentality can be beneficial and exasperating depending on the situation. When you want them to behave like independent and powerful individuals, this mentality can act as a hurdle. And a difficult one. If you want them to follow a cause or a person, there is no better characteristic to exploit.

The general public seldom does something for the first time. One among the population will think thrice before throwing a piece of garbage on a clean street. And people will hardly consider before strewing the street/beach with garbage, if there is plenty around already.

No one wants to stick one’s neck out. No one wants to be the pioneer of ‘something different’, ‘something against-conventions’ which is usually ‘something weird’, for contemporaries. We will continue talking about the general public, because that is what concerns us. It is their apathy, their indifference that results in pitiable conditions of public places, keeping in mind the ‘sustained’ garbage presence.

If we manage to undo the situations where apathy thrives, we have a winner at our hands. Cleaner Country, a drive by Hammer & Mop, is determined to clean up places and minds. We will be trying to make sure that our well-directed efforts result in tidier surroundings. Such that, people find themselves living in cleaner areas. And they might not want to dirty them at all.

We get used to luxury pretty easily. And then, it is often difficult to return to a spartan lifestyle. Similarly, if they get a taste of what can be the situation, they will try hard and behave themselves in order to avoid the litter. And since it will take many tries to achieve the same, Hammer & Mop certainly hopes to be that consistent in the efforts.

Government has its own set of challenges and problems to deal with. It is best for people and small organizations to take such easy tasks in their own hands and help out the government that we elect. Time for us to dirty our hands in cleaning up our home-towns.


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