On Management

Clarity Results in Action

I can see clearly now.

If you sport spectacles, you will know the frustration of wearing dirty lenses and the joy that follows after cleaning them. Not being able to see clearly bugs us at the level of subconscious, it gives us headaches and nags us till vision is clear. Little things in our life show how the bigger picture works, and our life is much easier when clarity exists on all fronts.

Clarity is Desirable

While growing up as a teenager in the process of figuring things out, we might experience the thrill of not knowing where we are headed. However, real deeds get done only when we decide, we plan and we work towards it. Our loved ones seek us to understand the path we are on and know where we are headed, because being driven by an agenda of others isn’t fulfilling. Unless your goals and the goals of the people you are ‘traveling’ with (for the time being) are aligned, it is an unsatisfactory life.

The Knowing

There is no eureka moment, but simply understanding every moment we live in. The answer lies in the small things, the experiences, the conversations and the people we meet. If you are working on a project with third party stakeholders, the path ahead is mostly a consensus perspective which is realized after receiving feedback from everyone. An unexpected odd meeting on a Thursday morning might inject a new idea, a possibility. Communicating this to people you regularly interact with might reinforce new beliefs, possibly revolutionary ones. Within days, you might end up working on something you had not even dreamt of last month. The answer lies in being alive, being open and allowing the expansive mindset to manifest.

Cleaning the Spectacle Lenses

Being a good listener and picking up cues is a good start, and pursuing feedback is the next step. Detaching from our own agenda, viewing the ‘problem’ from a third party perspective and figuring out ways to do the assumed impossible is a great exercise in creativity and clarity. We don’t ‘achieve clarity’, because it is simply an experience of how events unfold. We live it by connecting our daily happenings to the big picture, and tweaking it accordingly. Sitting in a warm seat, though tempting, hardly aids clarity. And clarity on all fronts is desirable.


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