Cherry of a Mind

Cherries in the rain
Cheer my mind up.
Cherries in the rain are so passionately red. 

The rain, when it comes, does not distinguish.
Washing away yesterday’s dust with its virgin drops

The mind, when it lives, does not relent
It lingers with the arrogance of the moment.

The mind, when it lives, holds dear
Everything that has defined its existence till now.
The mind is alive in spite of the rain, it is alive.
It thrives in the rain, it does not wash away.

With the wet rain, comes the charming wind,
Magnificent with its strength.
It brings with it tidings of tomorrow.
The sunshine follows.

Dust and dirt have been washed away now.
One with their destiny.
So is Life- thriving, stubborn and triumphant.
For it had a mind that believed.

A little cherry of a mind with guts. 


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