Cause and Effect

People are funny because they live in a herd. They often believe things that demand much less thought, they often love to believe things that do not require much insight and hey- they love to be ‘normal’. That is, living according to the social norms.

We are social animals

Indeed. But that does not mean suffocating the independent thought out of us. Every human is not obligated to bear the whims of the society. Freedom of explicit expression exists. The rules framed are always framed for the benefit of the few who sit at the top of the pyramid. Problem being- society should be anything but pyramid-like. Sounds Utopian? Is not, however. For if you let every human be, simply be, and provide adequate resources to everyone with unrestricted love- the result is Utopia of our dreams.

Worshiping the effect, neglecting the cause

  • A mother scolds the child for errant behavior.
  • A criminal is publicly hanged for violent abuse on members of the society.
  • One politician makes sure he gets his way by corrupting others.
  • You keep on squeezing the balloon and complain that it cannot regain its original shape.

The same old story. We rejoice at the prospect of punishing the evil deed and shy away from working on the cause that brought about the incident in the first place. Punishing and clamping down on ‘effect’ does not help. Working on the ’cause’ does. You cannot hide the smoke once you light a fire. The best way is to make sure that the fire does not start again. And we, noble humans of a nobler society, fail to understand. Because we’re being fools, being controlled by an apathetic minority who are leading us to utter doom.

‘It-is-all-in-the-genes’ Nonsense

Burn those books that blame it all genes. Latest research has proven time and again that yes, genes are responsible but on a very specific basis. If the trait is present but the societal conditions are infinitely loving, the trait never appears. And though the trait is absent and the societal conditions are hampering the true growth of the child, there are high chances of a criminal being created. It is easy to hit the smoke with a stick, but it has absolutely no effect.

Free your mind

Free your mind from this utter idiocy. Kick out that ‘practical nonsense’ and look around with open eyes. Your eyes and ears often show you the most fragile reality you will ever experience. The money, the glitter and eventual death is not life. Understand what you are here to do. Understand love and understand ‘security’. It is essential to release yourself from those invisible walls you’ve built around yourself. Release yourself from the complacent couch. Else you’ll be living a worthless life.

Break the fucking egg-shell.

Cheers to that.

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