Burst That Bubble

We live in a world with people. We live in a society, it has its laws and we abide by them. There are belief systems in place already, the ones that decide the entire path of a decision once made. There are paradigms and they need to be shifted because they speak of a forgotten era. There are ideas, that need to be created because everything changes and we should change too.

Your parents love you, no doubt. They want you to succeed and live a secure, peaceful life. However, that does not mean they know what is the best for you. They might often ask you to follow a certain path because it seems the most safe there is. Also, their parents and the surrounding society decided that it might be the safest path there is! And it might be the other way round.

What can be termed as ‘safe’ and ‘secure’? Can definitions this fragile really manage to control our entire lifetime?

We live in the moment. At this moment in your existence (provided you are not in a battle field or a long drawn argument with another human), your past and your future holds no significance. When you lived your past, it was present and you took action then. Your future, on arrival, will be your present and you’ll craft it then.

“We are the authors of every next moment.”

So we simply create our life right now, at this very instant. Planning is important, but give priority to the present by acting on your plans. Your present will decide your future and there is absolutely no use ‘hanging on’ to your past. Live with it, peacefully.

Coming back to the ‘bubble concept’. Life, as we live it now, is simply something agreed upon by all humans together. The systems we created and the systems we live by are a product of the past. We should keep in mind that they were created and installed by powerful people, by people who had something to gain by the same. We live by no God’s Supreme Order. We live by what has been created by mankind. So we always have a say against it. Provided we have a feasible solution to replace the existing illogical system.

“Society follows the brave.
Society follows the initiative.”

Do not be afraid to stand up and voice your opinion. You have a right to step out and create your own system. You might face irrelevant opposition but that is just because you, for a moment, went against the flow. You, for a moment, oppose the system before you stop being a part of it.

And once you stop being a part of it, you’re free to create and organize. In the process, if you manage to sell your dream to like-minded people, they will help you build. Once done, people will come in throngs and live within your system. And you will have achieved your goal. Understand that stepping out and starting out on your own was not easy. Nothing is easy unless you believe it to be. Nothing can be as orgasmic as freedom till you believe it to be.

Choice. The problem is choice.” &

We’re not here because we’re free; we’re here because we’re not free.

We are here, trapped in this labyrinth called ‘life’ because we are anything but free. We define ‘real’ the way we want to and start living by age old rules, going around with the herd, believing in a vain manner that since the herd is doing it, it is the right thing to do. We create words like ‘normal’ to satisfy our vain ego, which we have isolated with our own belief.

What is real? If we say whatever our senses can feel is real- then it is nothing but electrical signals that our brain interprets. And brain can be tricked. We vibrate with a frequency and we feel, see and hear things because the respective frequencies resonate with ours. Change our vibrating frequency and our world will dramatically change into something we were never capable to seeing, hearing and feeling before! We hear in a limited range, we see in a limited range. Our world and scope of imagination is this tiny and yet we claim victory over ourselves. So vain.

“The point?”

The point is to realize who we are and the understand the world we live in. The point is to think twice before stating strong opinions and rigid beliefs. The point is to realize the true logic behind the laws we follow today. And be free. Do not be trapped in the herd mentality but start thinking for yourselves.

There is something seriously wrong with the world today. There are way too many scandals and murders. The old systems are not working and you seem to know it. This is time for the change. What is the point in ignoring it? Are you not a part of this world? Don’t you have the right to change it? Or do you feel you have no strength?

“Is this something you have been led to believe- the insufficiency of an individual to change the world?”

And you being happy with your money and family is not enough. It is time to reach out and make a difference. However, it all starts with you. Change yourself from within and you’ll be surprised how the world effectively ends up changing with you.

“Your world is simply a reflection of your belief systems & perceptions. You are the epicenter of your world purely because you create it.”

It all starts with you. Be free from all the chains. Understand the size of the bubble you live in.

And burst the darn thing.

love and peace

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