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Inspiration strikes us at crucial moments. And it is a good thing it does, because we may not know what would have happened had it not. Once inspired and thus motivated, you decide to take initial steps in the desired direction. You face challenges, tough prospects and green pastures but only after a few unclear paths. Some of you squeal and run away to the ‘safe’ highway. Some of you continue on the path and reach such glory that few highwaymen have ever dreamed of.


“Choice, is the key. And your Will, of course.”


Once you lose your motivation, everything seems a daunting task. You start questioning your every decision, forgetting that your future has to be created by you, since you’re living this moment.

<And my usual belief-system stuff fits here>

I experienced it sometime back. I lost all feeling of hope and ambition- stuff that drives me on. I felt lost. Being in the middle of a journey, with only a change of emotions, I felt LOST! And my laptop with all the work information, warm home, loving family meant nothing to me then because I had no hope, no vision and no motivation to keep me going. And in a flash, it was back. I was brimming with energy again. Funny how it happened.


It ends up happening when you’re high above sea level too. I remember losing it at Tapovan, during one of my Himalayan treks. High altitude makes you doubt yourself. It is all up to you, in the end, to believe and move on. That gives you glory.

I came across a nice list of books ‘Books To Set You Free’ in Mint Lounge, 8th Jan 2011. Compiled by Pico Iyer. This, after he’d written about a very interesting book- ‘The Year of the Hare‘.


A hare, living its normal life, gets hurt in an accident and is carried around by the human who is responsible. The man, for whom the hare was but an interruption, finds his life turning out to be a fun ride. He carries the hare around in order to treat it, meets people who are willing to buy it from him and so on. He finds his priorities have changed and that has not really created a catastrophic situation as most of us often feel. He finds himself responding in a new manner, and for once not being a zombie stuck in a zombie life, stuck in a rut.


Something we come across in Zen. It teaches us to be awake and live each moment. It asks us to shed excess unnecessary baggage for we get whatever we need at every step. Even the concept of ‘steps’ indicates limitation bound by Time. Zen teaches us to let go and be free. My next trek will see my backpack to be much lighter. Much to the delight of my family.


Coming back to the list, taken from Mint Lounge:


  1. The Moon and Sixpence [By Somerset Maugham (1919)]
  2. Walden [By Henry David Thoreau (1854)]
  3. Eat Pray Love [By Elizabeth Gilbert (2006)]
  4. A Journey in Ladakh [By Andrew Harvey (1983)]
  5. As You Like It [By William Shakespeare (1599)]


I didn’t add descriptions for fear of prosecution. No issues, Pico Iyer. Your work stays yours. I simply share when my tendency to ‘not read but share, not write but share, be sleepy, be lazy but smile‘ takes over.


love and peace

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