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Blanketing Reality – India


“Everything boils down to the education an individual has been subjected to. His thought processes reek of the lessons life has taught him, the teachers with whom he has argued and his parents who helped it all happen…”  – anonymous


I’ve been taught to blanket the things from the very start, so have all my friends. In school, punishments are often targeted to clearly differentiate between ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ instead of conversing with the concerned student to understand his point of view. We cover our books to make them seem uniform (when they are not). We are asked to be like everyone else, standing out for any reason whatsoever is frowned upon- officially or not.


 In case of a spelling mistake, we used a thing called ‘whitener’ to paint the error white. A slate wiped clean to soothe the consciousness. We were taught to cover up our scruffiness whenever the dreaded ‘inspector’ visited the school- we were taught to ‘fear’ the person who will judge us and the school- blanketing the very reality to make everything seem satisfactory.


It is ingrained in our minds now, that the easiest way to avoid facing the reality is to blanket it with self-righteous propaganda. We cap it, bury it, ignore it but simply refuse to do away with the real reason behind it all- because it seems unreal and too bookish to actually implement. We have blamed broken sculptures on the cat, we have blamed broken relationships on other beings and we have blamed broken countries on the past.


Accountability is hard to come across, because the one who sweeps the naked reality under the carpet is doing so to avoid responsibility. With no one to be held accountable, the situation often worsens and escalates into an ugly troll. That is when we employ the methods of capping down the troll again- sweeping it all away into the darkness. Why kill the troll when it can be hidden away? Why regret our actions when we can deny the facts?


We are a funny country today. With the brightest minds and yet similar to a blundering mismanaged elephant. From being cocky with particularly dangerous neighbours to having indecisive mechanisms- we have done it all. The spirit of blanketing truths remains the same. We refuse to accept our rich heritage and let our monuments rot. We refuse to believe in better infrastructure and our roads suffer. We refuse to understand the value of education and the same herd of beings is produced year after year. Fun Fact- there is no one to be held accountable. There is no one to challenge the age-old policies and things stay the way they were.


Corruption is not present for the heck of it. It is a by-product of indifference, ignorance and inefficiency. If my document gets cleared within a specific time frame, I’d have no reason to ‘please’ the official to pass it sooner. Inefficiency breeds corruption because it is our natural tendency to ensure that things stay under our control. Asking people to be disciplined in spite of living within a sluggish system is a Utopian dream.


It is human tendency to be corrupt- so that he gets a chance to control the outcome of the situation. Since it defines many of the citizens, the reason behind corruption has never been targeted. We have laws and we are happy to point fingers at corrupt officials ‘when they are caught’. However, we use pirated versions of software and are ever so happy to bribe the traffic policeman to let us off. Hypocrites or what?


It is one of the toughest jobs to really look inside oneself and heal thought processes. That is the reason many look for material satisfactions to soothe the insides- consciously or not. Anna Hazare brought up an amazing drum to bang on against corruption. It was all about a ‘committee’ and ‘laws’ that might bring about a change in the corrupt system. The nation erupted with hysteria because the Jan Lokpal bill never asked them to change, the Jan Lokpal bill asked the government to bend down and accept to create a whole new law that will help ‘cap down’ & ‘blanket’ the official corruption levels. How will it benefit the poor villages? How will percolate down to the roots of the corrupt mind-set? Well, they might figure it out soon.


We live in a world full of consumerism. Our clothes and pay-checks often define us. That is a problem when you start losing touch of the reality you live in. Wasting 150 tons of tomatoes on a fun-filled festival when more than half of the nation is starving is not logical and is clearly insensitive. This is a sign that the two poles are drifting away from each other. This is a sign of the fact that the ‘connect’ between the top and the bottom of the pyramid is being neglected and being blanketed in the process.


When we meditate, we shed the many layers the world heaps upon us. We connect to the vibration of the Universe and truly realize who we are. The realization is enlightening; the realization is when we are naked, free from all the worldly bonds. That is when the 40-inch LED backlit LCD screen, 32-28-32 and Mac Air seem irrelevant. That is when we have no blankets over our mind and we simply are, in time and space.


That is one extreme end of it. The process starts when you start being yourself and when you start facing your insecurities, fears and joys head-on. The easiest way to help build a great nation is to be a good human being. When you’re good to others, others will be good to you. And the goodwill will spread. That is the true ‘Satya’ i.e. ‘Truth’. Spreading the love around is essential for a healthy community.


Good humans are responsible and accountable for their actions. They do things within the right timeframe and help others out. They smile and converse with other individuals. Good humans respect all living beings and understand that the world is but a perspective. And reality changes with every perception. When a single good human creates many good humans around him, the system really starts working the way it should be. Efficiency comes in and things need not be blanketed anymore. Changes happen, flexibility comes in. The world can be changed by a handful of good humans.


“Humans feel the need to be loved and to love. It comes naturally to them. For individuals geared to drive ‘change’ home, it is necessary to exploit this human trait. Spreading the love has tremendous effect in the long term. It is a quality investment towards sustainable growth… ” – anonymous


love and peace


[This article was first published in The Quëst]

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