Bharat Ahir

We started together at Bombay Connect, the quintessential co working space at Bandra (Mumbai), back then a part of the Unltd India family. It was a warm community, and we were young, and stumbling onward. Looking back, what consistently stands out is his generosity and an evergreen sense of support that always stands extended.

He has built Russsh (previously known as GetMyPeon) for the last 7 years, a hugely popular and the go-to brand for conventional and unconventional errands in Mumbai. His innate understanding of people, logistics and the way this city works helps him get things done – a combination of skills most of us would pillage for.

He is a great guy, Bharat Ahir, a dear friend who also acts as my eye opener in the daily run of life. His spontaneity and general enthusiasm has often clashed quite cheerfully against my systemic drabness – thus pulling me out of the bubble and helping me have fun. He lives his life, gives love and receives multifold in return. Everyone knows Bharat, he knows everyone and that’s here to stay.

I’m grateful to him for teaching me the value of patience and prioritising relations over certain conflicting perspectives. While my temper often tends to be short and my decisions tend to be strong, he has led by example showcasing immense patience and tact in defusing stressful situations through win win. Bharat has always built bridges, and reinforced them from time to time.

As we recently sat for a lazy supper at a favourite city cafe, we shared how fortunate our lives have been, how things have manifested to perfection. Discomfort of any kind has only led to bigger, better things coming in. Reminiscing, we toasted the future with coffee.

A constant inspiration, Bharat has effectively helped me dream bigger, and be happier. He has stood by me during the crucial times, and the most mad. We have cracked the best jokes, and the worst. I’ll miss being in the same neighbourhood as him.

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