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Being Sith is Only Human

Being Sith is Only Human - Frankaffe - Sushrut Munje

In the ‘Star Wars‘ saga, the good side (Jedi) and the dark side (Sith) have clear underlined traits. It is in human nature to polarise most of the things – so something ends up being ‘good’ while the opposing force ends up being ‘bad’. We take sides and celebrate when ‘our side’ wins.

The more we delve into the traits that define Jedi and Sith, similarities with what ancient wisdom has been suggesting, emerge. What separates humans from God are the emotions which we thrive in. Lucifer asks us to live in our senses, focus on pleasure and thrive in passion. As Krishna points out, allowing ourselves to run unbridled with short lived physical pleasures keeps us from the serene joyful Self. Buddha suggests letting go of temptation as a step towards attaining enlightenment. Gorging on chocolate and retail therapy do not lead to happiness – discipline and serenity do.

The Jedi do not believe in absolutes – the Sith do. Living the emotional roller coaster makes our human tendencies of believing in ‘black’ and ‘white’ grow. The wise thing, however, is to believe in ‘grey’. There is no good or bad, the Jedi say. There simply is, and everything else is a matter of perception.

We are taught to associate ourselves with what we possess and what we feel. This is subtly the Sith/Satanist philosophy, which keeps us human, victim to our whims and fancies. Jedi, on the other hand, ask us to identify ourselves with the Force – space which exists based on our perception. Quite radical but true – we end up shaping our lives based on what we believe, and how we act. Proactive actions are what the Jedi preach, to react (and especially in a passionate way) is what the Sith teach.

Feeling anger at the injustice around us feels right. Reacting to someone else’s rude behavior with more rude behavior seems like apt justice. Taking pride in our possession of material goods seems proper. And it’s all cool as long as you do not let it define you as a person, because that’s not what you are. When the world is nothing but a perception, everything is how you perceive. The angrier you are, the angrier the world is. The more muddled you are, the more muddled the world seems. The sadder you are, more dreary the world becomes. And if you are full of joy, the world cannot stop showering love on you.

Jedi talk about mindfulness – allowing intuition to guide your decisions. When you focus on what’s happening now without anxiety of the future and the baggage of the past, you end up giving your best. And that easily leads to better things.

Most of the Jedi are dead, while the Sith philosophy lives on as human tendencies in all. However, it’s crucial to note that all ancient wisdom unanimously points towards not attaching ourselves to pleasure of the senses – but detaching from them. Love and Happiness are the only natural human emotions. We ought to thrive in them.

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