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Being a startup CEO

I felt like writing something while on my way back to my office from a nearby coffee shop. I often make this small trek when my mind needs a short break. Coffee is my beloved and the walk feels refreshing- leading to a surge of ideas and solutions. It has been interesting journey all this while as a CEO of my young startup.

I’ll be sharing a few aspects of what seems wondrous after the first year of building a small organization. One year is usually enough ┬áto have a steady cash flow, have a few clients, media mentions and prospective investors wanting to know more. Your startup was born out of a random idea after you experienced something on a crowded street or during your lonely sojourns in your room. The name was probably finalized on a porch and the first logo design was probably discussed over cups of beverage at a local coffee shop.

Considering the humble memorable beginning, it ends up being an interesting journey full of ‘firsts’ as you sign your first deal with a celebrity or have your first meeting with the investors.

Having Big Clients

Having high profile folks interested in your service/product, actually recognizing it as a brand, talking about it in their friend circles is a big achievement for a young company. These are the people whom you might not have even met had you continued with your 9-5 job. These guys now actually see you with respect and wholeheartedly appreciate the good work that you’re doing! Such moments take me back to the paper napkin business plan that was drafted long back and it feels magical to have built a growing brand.

Having Investors & Mentors

These are veteran folks with impressive networks. Having someone willing to mentor you is a moment of pride, because someone successful sees the potential in your idea that you have executed. It is your achievement that they have noticed you and your efforts. Mentors converting into Investors is a cherry on the top. These are successful people, senior people willing to buy a share of your company- a company that was born out of a dream that you dreamed of when there was absolutely nothing! You have built something from scratch and now big guys are paying you to own a part of what you’ve built. Great feeling!

Having Employees

This brings responsibility and accountability to the table big time. Can you imagine being responsible for households? Your employees are paid salaries to build something that was once just a dream, something that you brought into action. Their homes and their lives depend on you and the ‘company’. Makes you feel powerful.

Life is good when there’s a lot of work to do.

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