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Bed Bugs

I ended up having bed bugs in my bed. My bed!

They didnt let me sleep, they sucked at my blood, they lived in my very own bed. Something I take very personally for it, my bed, is where I sleep. A very personal space. Somewhere I can be at peace.

An organization you’ve created is like your bed. Your baby, your very own. And bad blood among your team members has every reason to be analogous to bed bugs, as in my case. What do we do?

Take charge. Let them know who is the boss. You have every right to get a good night’s sleep. And there is no frigging reason for bed bugs to exist in your bed. There is no justification for bad blood to exist at your workplace. If there is one, root it out.

Keep it clean, do not postpone the act of confronting the problem.

Even if you or one of your partners are the source.

“Be aware, confront, understand and heal.”

That is the way to go for a healthy body, nice bed and an awesome workplace.

Bed bugs are now dead. Pest control took care of them.


love and peace

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