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    The Novelty Nation

    In these exciting times, there's a lot of speculation taking rounds as to what's gonna be the next redefining idea, novel concept and smarter models to replace the older one in all the avenues deeply relevant in our daily lives; be it technology, design, lifestyle etc. Everytime when you read or hear- whether mobile computing devices are gonna replace the desktops, ebooks outliving the traditional books or email killing the snailmail.

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    Jumbled Order

    "This is what we might want to ask ourselves- how strongly we feel about our intentions associated with our dream? Is our intention borrowed under someone else's influence? Is it truly our real intention which we claim it is or does it have a different motive? Does it waiver in the light of other's opinion or stays just as strong? The answer to these questions can allow us to assess our ways and differentiate between the actual direction from the intended one."

  • Books and Cinema

    Revering Muliebrity

      I had recently encountered this written matter which so wonderfully puts together the essence of womenhood that I couldn’t help but share this:   “Few people understand the rhythms of life more than women. Women live their whole lives by rhythm. They are in rhythm with life itself.   Women are more able to “go with the flow” than men. Men want to push, pull, resist, direct the flow. Women experience it- then mold it with it to produce harmony.   A women hears the melody of flowers in the wind. She sees the beauty of the Unseen. She feels the tugs and pulls and urges of life. She…

  • On Management

    The Credible Myth

        With the entrepreneurial fever gripping the ingenious blocks of the nation all over, conventional jobs have never garnered such a notorious perspective before. The inc. effect has definitely inspired many to rethink their ways of financial independence. With scores of literature on personal business ushering in for aspiring entrepreneurs; few offer a decisive read, like the book ‘The E-Myth’ does. Written by the acclaimed author Michael E Gerber, who is respected as ‘the world’s no.1 small business guru’. The celebrated book now has culminated into a series of books on the same subject, the E-myth series. The book offers an array of invaluable lessons, most novice entrepreneurs generally miss; and why only few are able to…

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      I find the word ‘enjoy’ quite interesting . I often use the word when seeing a friend off or at the conclusion of a talk, discussion or a meet. For I believe this word wields the power to put people in good stead when it comes to attaining fulfillment in whatever they endeavor in and thus raising my chances of seeing them again happier than the last time. It also grants them immunity from any kind of frustration or grievances that may arise. To most people the word ‘enjoy’ implies recreation of some sort, an escapade we are entitled to after enduring a period of stress and boredom from an activity which is generally disliked.   My understanding…

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    Contrastive Progression

      It is often observed that dissimilar agents seldom cluster together. The contrast faced can be overwhelming and can evoke unrest. This can be spotted more often amongst people than anywhere else. The disinclination to the unsimilar can be understandable as it never lies within our comfort zone, and it is something we have not come to appreciate and like. This can be for several reasons, but the most common one being the adverse difference shared by the two- the like and that which is not. Different things are characterized by attributes far removed from each other and in this distinction lies their identity or considered to be so. It…