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Almost 2 years out in the cold and loving it.

Hammer & Mop, my startup

[First published on Medium]

“Start-ups are my favorite thing in the world because they are the direct collision of fantasy and reality.” – Andy Dunn (@dunn)

Mine too. In another well written piece on Medium, I’d come across an apt description of what drives an entrepreneur to initiate the first precious steps of building a venture. We are driven and distracted by the existing world around us. So distracted, that we start living our imagination. That is when we dream, we imagine and we get down to building.

I personally believe that the world around us is simply a physical manifestation of our emotions, our ambitions and our desire. At every living moment, we shape the reality around us. We welcome experiences, but forget everything when we start reacting unfavorably to the experiences we invite. The act of starting up is thus beautiful, since you’re creating value out of nothing. It is the result of belief, trust and consistency.

Almost 2 years out in the cold and loving it.

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