On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje shares how affection, carefree laughter and willingness to bring down walls helps build a relationship. Poetry for a rainy evening.

All in.

“I’ll just keep this over here,” she states, as her toothbrush joins mine in the mug. I love how it isn’t a question. There is wonder in her eyes, unflinching curiosity of the world around. Her laughter provokes, and nibbles at my inhibitions. When the door flies open and she strides in, all my doubt and resentment has always vanished in a puff. I love how a confrontation is always welcomed. After looking at me straight in the eye for a moment that lasts ages, I have received a kiss that is earnest, as easy as a morning that is to come. I have been waking up to her sleepy sunshine, and to the lingering smell of our cheeky tomorrows. She keeps waking me up to a happier today. I’m all in.

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