Frankaffe was established as a blog and has matured into an online publication, representing personal expression. It believes in frugality, the act of healing as one fights (reminiscent of the Viking civilisation from Age of Empires, playing which I have spent countless hours as a child) and indulging in short lived pleasures (the espresso). It is flawed, with dents and crevices, much like my emotional being.

I call it ‘flawed’ for the curious way we live our lives, despite knowing how magnificently generous the Universe is. Most things are easier said than done, we forget to implement thought patterns despite knowing that those become things. We bite deep into temporary highs, knowing we would come crashing down, craving for a high again. Such vanity. Such weakness.

The name was conceptualised in the summer of 2008 as (Frank + Kaffe), it soon became (Frank + Affable) to stand for my evolved personal blog. I had recently discovered the wonders of coffee as an 18 year old, and the beverage has been associated with all introspections and deep dives within. Most of the posts here have been published elsewhere first, so this stands like a mother ship. Discipline on all fronts is desirable and thus everything finds its way here. ‘Frankaffe’, the term, has stood the test of time for more than a decade, and I see it continuing to stand for something that is so innately me.

Conversations – verbal and non verbal – intrigue me for their endearing effort to communicate opinions and desires. It is beautiful to behold an independent mind, manifested as a body, using everything at its disposal sourced from its unique understanding of its world to assert its existence. A spoken word such as “Wait” tugs at my heartstrings for it is a stand amidst the surroundings, a step taken to control the dynamic. A step taken to signify clarity and want. And then there is so much more this realisation brings into being.

Frankaffe takes delight in experiencing, time and again, how greatness and humility are two sides of the same coin. Through meetings and features, interviews and photographs, I shall continue to translate my awe for the nature of human intent into words. Eternal gratitude.

Sushrut Munje / Amsterdam