Look at me, am a clown! Look at my mascara,

laugh at my antics! Look, am a clown!

Throw me a ball, see me stutter! Call me names, see my mask! Am a clown.

Am a mere flaw, watch me err.

Tied up shoe-laces, and a whispered doom.

Watch me smile, watch me claw. Look at me, am a clown!

Am a miserable truth, in the labyrinth of lies,

Look at me finding me. Am a clown!


I pack my stuff, I walk home, see me stammer, am a clown!

I wash my smile, and wear my tear,

Look at my ruined mascara, and my wet smile.

I burn down my make-up,

I look at you.

Am a clown!


Hold me down, unmask my façade.

See my eyes, tell me their story.

My mask wears down, and my tears roll on.

Look at me,

Am no one!

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