Through musician Aruna Jade's 100 Days of Melody project, Sushrut Munje attempts to write complementary poetry for all her tracks. First published on Frankaffe.
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100 Days of Melody #2 – Second 10

Introducing 100 Days of Melody – click to read what it’s about.

100 Days of Melody #1 – First 10 – this is part one.

Day 11 – The Ritual

Lit a flame by the door, awaiting His presence and then there was light, the night was lit up by the unearthly glow of His chariot and I fell on my knees, shivering, new to the tradition of receiving our Overlords, too afraid to look into Their eyes of legendary wisdom, trembling at the thought of what They have lived through, for the past thousands of years, what They have seen, the battles They have fought and I lay there in complete surrender as He walked past.

Day 12 – Lightness

I am a cloud tonight, holding on to hope in the emptiness. I am the wind, and the free fall through the dark embrace. The world doesn’t sleep tonight, eyes awake like millions of stars above. Our love is candlelit, the flickering glow hides the rough edges. Our love is the moonless night, the day would change everything. Take me deep within. Make me yours, before I cease to belong.

Day 13 – Blankout

Season of songs as the bad memories fade away with every glowing ember added to this campfire and we sleep beneath the mountain and by the sea under this mad ocean of stars with a silly grin that refuses to go away and we snuggle, we hold on to this warmth, we feel the world is on our side with its rain and this snow and that moon and everything just doesn’t matter because here in this little tent of ours is everything that is and will ever be.

Day 14 – Campfire

This stove makes soup, not an espresso, because it’s dinner time as we camp by the forests of promise, just like you brought home the warmth of a homemaker instead of the wild beast I was hoping to find. You made sweet love, but I wanted a storm. You gave me a smile, when I wanted naked desire in your eyes. You only hugged when I sought to be possessed with the madness of a poltergeist. Burn the bloody forests down, my love, and then let’s make it rain. Burn the world down, make me quiver with pleasure in the dark.

Day 15 – The Search

What’s maddening and sets you out alone on a path with no end is the feeling that you are dissolving into thin air every time you question the color red and the laugh of a friend or the money you spent on the donut because clearly – when a red is not a blue because you see it as a red, and your friend might be laughing at blue but it’s still red for you, and donut is just sugar and money is apparently half of your kidney – you get lost in the meaningless pursuit of meaning to feel light, end up searching for joy outside, but it’s always inside. And you search but find no words to describe this unbearable, unsettling lightness of being.

Day 16 – Wanderlust

I stopped gazing at the daffodils, stopped claiming them to be mine because they aren’t. I tried holding on to them once, and they were ripped apart, away from what they were made of, and I lost a limb too, lost it to a misplaced sense of belonging, it fell by for a curious traveler to learn a lesson from. I stopped grabbing things, but only smiled back at them. They don’t belong to me, they take my bits off. I belong to me as I wander the world within.

Day 17 – Hidden Moments

The hint of a smile that you let slip. A wink and a glint in your eyes. Trembling fingers as you hold it close, a hope, nurtured till the time you find ways to describe what you felt when the eyes went dark yet the heart grew warm and a tiny spot in your tummy throbbed with ecstasy. When your hair just wouldn’t obey as they fell over your eyes and you brushed it aside not wanting me to miss the dripping honey of your gaze. I was everywhere at once then, yet standing there in a verse, as you engulfed the night.

Day 18 – Once Upon A Time

When we first met and drew our first morning, I remember adding the grey of a mist, it was the riddle I sensed. But you drew a rainbow, it was a laughter of the day. Then I added a dark brew, for I knew you have layers. You sketched waves and unraveled with a smile. Further I probed with a burst of acrylic on canvas yet you insisted on watercolor, stressing that you are but a bubbling rivulet. But when I held you close while dancing on a Jazz vinyl, I knew I was holding a storm that has been tamed, an ocean contained, the art of centuries deciphered, a mind that had me for its own, for now.

Day 19 – New Age

When I sing of a new morning, it doesn’t understand me. When I sing of the chilly wind, it shrugs. When I talk of the same me and a new you, the morning still fails to get it. When I sing of a new me, suddenly the sun glows brightest, happy wind hugs tight and the morning chirps me a coffee again.

Day 20 – Ending Credits

Comfortable silence between the two sips, I breathe in the dusk as our gaze sits unfazed, and we stare down the depths of a cliff, an abyss we have defined, we can see it all the way down, the jagged truths and absent lies, we defined the lives we have lived and the stories we grew out of. Stop being a dream, stop being the warmth of my blanket at dawn. Stop being the light, take me away into the night till I decide when to rise again.

100 Days of Melody #3 – Third 10 – this is part three.

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